Splash Alley

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(Current Line Up)


Lead Guitar Vocals

Lead Vocal Guitar/Keyboard
Bass Guitar Vocals


More information on each current band member can be found further down this page.

More information about the band past and present can be found on the HISTORY PAGE.


Lead Guitar & Vocals


Gibson, PRS, Ibanez

VHT Power, Marshall pre-amps and cabs loaded
with Celestion Vintage 30s and
effects by TC Electronics. Aarren is also endorsed by 4114 custom guitar effects.

Aarren picked up his first guitar at nine years old and played in various bands since age 11.
He studied at Yamaha Music School for 5 years where he won the school's Guitarist of the Year competition at the age of 15.
Aarren also studied at the prestigious Guitar Institute where his playing style was described as a cross between Jimi Hendrix and Joe Satriani.
In 2000 Aarren graduated from the Guitar Institute with one of the highest marks in the schools history.
Aarren can even play the almost impossible Outer Mongolian Spaghetti Strethchy scale (whatever that is)

He knows more chords than the combined ages of the rest of the "Splash Alley" band (that's a lot of chords)
Aarren's musical influences are Joe Satriani, Paul Gilbert, Slash, SRV, Clapton and Gary Moore (to name but a few)
However he also tends to draw influence from many other different sources (Even Hank Marvin)

Aarren became a member of "Splash Alley" in September 2009
"Splash Alley" were one of Aarren's first Rock Bands since he left school and it has rekindled his love affair with playing rock music live.

When not appearing with "Splash Alley" Aarren performs as a session musician as well as playing in another band called "Break Out" (www.wix.com/aarrenmowle/break-out-rocks)

We wanted to put a photo here of Aarren when Splash Alley was originally formed in 1970.

The problem is that Aarren was not even born in 1970

We will therefore have to make do with a picture of the twinkle in his dads eye

Lead Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards


Fender, Gibson

Motif, Korg, Yamaha

Mesa Boogie Amps, Boss Pedals

Barry played guitar in various bands during his early teens.

He then joined up with Brian Glover and David (Tiny) Glover, after they recruited Andy Greaves on drums "The Dingleberrys Show Group" was formed

The band played for several years on the club circuit and the band eventually morphed into "Splash Alley"

Barrys musical influences are many but they include Thin Lizzy, AC DC, Gary Moore (To name but a few)

Most of the music played by "Splash Alley" is from artistes that have influenced Barry

As his live music career started in the 60s it is no surprise that The Beatles made a huge impact on him
Other bands that he has a great respect and regard for include The Eagles, The Four Seasons, The Bee Gees & Marmalade
There are however many more bands and artistes that Barry likes

As well as doing the lead vocals in "Splash Alley" Barry also plays guitar and keyboards

Some people comment at gigs that when Barry sings AC DC songs he sounds very much like Bon Scott.

This is a photo of Barry when "Splash Alley" was formed in 1970.

The hair was longer and the trousers were flared all those years ago.

Despite what some poeple say we can assure you that Barry does NOT wear a wig.

Not bad for someone who is almost an OAP

Bass Guitar, Vocals


Fender, Yamaha.
John Birch Rickenbacker

Orange, Ampeg & Peavey

Tiny learned to play bass by watching the bass player in a band his brother Brian played in.

One day whilst at a local guitar shop his brother spotted a new Paul McCartney bass and bought it for him.

After lots of practice at home in the bedroom Tiny became very proficient on the bass guitar.

He then rehearsed with Brian and Barry and they recruited Andy Greaves on drums and formed "The Dingleberrys Show Group"

Tiny played bass in "The Dingleberrys" for several years on the club circuit and the band eventually became "Splash Alley"

Tiny was 17 years old when "Splash Alley was first formed and he has now been in the band for well over 40 years.
In his words "Thats not bad for an old dodger"

More detailed information of the band can be found on the HISTORY page on this website.

This is a photo of Tiny when "Splash Alley" was formed in 1970.

Tiny was still a teenager and he had a lot more hair in those days.

He will be eligible for his free bus pass in 2013




Paiste Alpha


Ian (Banzai) Barnes joined "Splash Alley" in 2011, He has played in a number of bands over the years but playing with "Splash Alley" is a whole new experience for him.

Ian loves nothing better than sitting at the back behind a kit playing the music he has grown up with and loved since he was a child.

It was way back at the age of 9 that Ian got blown away by the sound of wooden sticks on drum skins.
This was after hearing “By Tor & the Snow Dog” by Rush, Neil Peart’s drumming left a lasting impression on him and created a desire to take up drums.

It was a year later that Ian heard the person that to this day, some 30 years later still remains his idol, Led Zeppelin’s John Henry “Bonzo” Bonham.

Ian is heavily influenced by Led Zeppelin, Rush, AC/DC & Classic Rock in general
Ian taught himself to play whilst drumming along to songs by his favourite bands (much to the annoyance of his neighbours!)
His favourite music is still Rock but is happy to have a go at most things, within reason!

When not occupying the drum stool for "Splash Alley" Ian plays alongside guitarist Aarren Mowle in Breakout

Ian is a very loud drummer so there are some difficult decisions to make at some gigs, Do we put mics on the noisy buggers drum kit or not?

Now the old joke :- what do you call someone who hangs around with musicians...... Answer... A drummer of course !

This is a photo of Ian when "Splash Alley" was formed in 1970.

Not much has changed (except maybe the nappy)

Ian was sat on his arse most of the time then, and he still is.