Splash Alley was originally formed in 1970.

Barry & Tiny were from The Dingleberrys Show Group.

The Dingleberrys original drummer Andy Greaves had left the band to go professional with The Dave Lee Sound.

Brian Glover had also decided to retire from playing and would continue as the bands manager.

Barry Crossley who had been playing lead guitar with The Charmers took Brians place in the band.

Allen Hepworth joined the band from Dave Sherwood & The Foresters and took over on drumming duties.

The difficulty was "How to choose a new name for the band?"

It was decided that each member of the band would be given three slips of paper
They would write one word on each slip and these would placed in a bag (we didn't have a hat) and drawn out to decide a name.
The first word drawn out was "Cabbage", this was followed by the word "Alley" and then the word "Splash".
After some shuffling of the words the name "Splash Alley Cabbage" was decided on.
Yes we know its a somewhat strange name but it could have been much worse judging by some of the words that were left in the bag.

The name suited the bands style which was a comedy showband who played Beatles, Four Seasons and other music of that era on the working mens club scene,
Would you believe that the band were kitted out in GREEN stage suits (Well the colour goes well with Cabbage)

After a couple of years Barry Crossley left to join another band and until a replacement could be found Barry,Tiny & Allen played as a trio for a while under the name of "SHY TOT".
This name was chosen as a joke and it was always good for a laugh when the concert chairman at a working mens club announced

"ladies and gentlemen your group for tonight are Shite hot"

Willie Fenton then joined the band from Mike Sager & The Cresters and the comedy part of the show was dropped.
The band then concentrated on covering a wide range of music from bands of the 60s & 70s.
The "Cabbage" part of the bands name was also dropped along with the Green suits and the band became Splash Alley

Splash Alley
(Circa 1973)


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Two of the original members of the band (Barry & Tiny) are still in the current line up.

The two other original band members (Allen Hepworth & Willie Fenton) emigrated to Canada in the early eighties
Various lead guitarists and drummers played in the band during the period that followed until a stable line up was arrived at.

The band then went through several name changes including "TUSH", "Z BENDS" and "F TROOP" and then back to "Splash Alley"

This settled line up of the band played together for over twenty years up to 2009.
Barry & Tiny have played in bands together since the mid sixties.
Jerry did try to join the original Splash Alley when he was seventeen years old but lost out to an older musician (Willy Fenton).
Derek (he's the big fella who sits behind all the drums and makes lots of noise)was absent from the band for a few years in between due to work commitments.
During Dereks absence Ron Kelly (Ex Smokey) did the drumming.

In 2004 Pete Spendley who had been the sound engineer for quite a few years emigrated from Shipley to a distant part of the UK (Mansfield to be precise)
Brian (Tinys older brother who was also in The Dingleberrys Show Group) & "Splash Alley"manager/agent up to the eighties
took over the job on the mixing desk and also took on the responsibility for the gig booking,driving etc.

Jerry wanted to resurrect the Splash Alley title and a decision was reached that at the same time the band would go through a major makeover.
A lot of hard work ensued which included many hours working on the sound system and the purchase and assembly of a top quality light show.

The big Splash Alley PA & Lighting Rig is controlled by Brian who also manages the band

Splash Alley

(Line Up to August 2009)

In 2008 Jerry decided that as a result of a change of career he would have to leave Splash Alley but he agreed to stay on until a suitable replacement could be found.

Several auditions were held over the months that followed.
Numerous lead guitarists were tried out and in September 2009 Aarren Mowle joined Splash Alley
Aarren is now the youngest member of the band (he was not even born when Splash Alley started back in 1970).
And he gets some stick from the rest of us as he is not a Yorkshire born lad, He's from the South of England, or as he says "Darn Sarf"
But we wont hold that against him as he is learning the Yorkie lingo and already says things like "Ey up" and "Nar then"

With the arrival of Aarren and the demand from venues to add more material to the set list the range & style of songs has been expanded.
More vocal harmony and different musical material from some of the newer bands has now been added to the bands repertiore.
With the expansion of the bands repertiore and the newer material they now appeal to a much wider audience whilst still maintaining their quality rock status.


Splash Alley

(The Current Line up)

Lead Guitar Vocals
Lead Vocal Guitar/Keyboard
Bass Guitar Vocals


The music now played by Splash Alley has evolved over many years and has been influenced by many people, musicians and styles.

Over the years Splash Alley have played as support band to many well known bands and recording artistes including
Alvin Stardust, Billy Fury, Gerry & The Pacemakers, The Hollies, The Merseybeats, The Searchers, The Tremeloes, Eddison Lighthouse,
Company of Snakes (Whitesnake without David Coverdale), From The Jam (The Jam without Paul Weller)

The covers played by Splash Alley include tracks by

AC DC , Bon Jovi , Boston , Dave Lee Roth , Guns & Roses , Gary Moore , Golden Earring ,

Journey, U.F.O , Rolling Stones , Saxon , Thin Lizzy , Van Halen , White Snake , Z Z Top.


Sound & Lighting Engineer & Manager

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On our main system we use a Allen & Heath 32 channel sound desk and top of the range HK passive speakers.
We incorporate high powered amplifiers, graphic equalisers, gates & compressors & effects units in the sound system giving it the capability of producing a top quality sound.

Powered wedges are used for foldback

Our sound system can be adapted for many different types of venue from the average pub or club to large outdoor venues and festivals.
At venues where there are limitations on space we use a smaller sound desk and fewer speakers.
On some big venues and outdoor festivals extra speaker units and power amps can be added if needed.

It has been suggested by the editor of a rock music web site that "Splash Alley have more lights than Pink Floyd"
Although we probably have one of the biggest light shows in our region outside of the pro scene we doubt if it would match the original Pink Floyd show.

Our usual light show consists of between sixteen and thirty Abstract colourfloods & eight Martin Mk 2 colourspots to provide light from the sides & behind the band.

Two XP4 lights provide extra wash colouring & ultra violet lighting from the floor at the front.

Eight moving head light units with multiple colours plus some gobos are also used to give added effects.

We use up to twenty four Martin Pro 400 units with 32 colours each with various strengths and beam sizes.
These powerful lights are normally used at the front for various effects from full colour floodlighting the full stage area or spotlighting individual band members.
Martin Pro 400 lights can also be added to the front, back and sides of the stage to give added effect.

Two Chauvet 400G Followspots (Super Troopers) are used for highlighting band members when they are moving around the stage.

Lasers can also be incorporated into the show, up to three seperate machines with a total of seven lasers can be used.

Our normal light show can consists of up to 80 high quality lights.
The size of the light show is obviously tailored to the space and power supply available at each venue.
At very large venues up to another 30 extra lights of varying types can be added to the show if required.
It has been said many times by many people that Splash Alley must have one of the biggest high quality semi pro lighting rigs there is.

To enhance the lighting effects Hazers are used to produce a constant mist along with radio controlled smoke machines for extra effect.
A Martin Magnum Pro 2000 Smoke Machine can also be used at outdoor gigs to produce extra smoke when required.
This machine is the most specified smoke machine in the world) and it can produce up to 700 cu metres of smoke per minute.
A quick short blast from the Magnum Pro 2000 is enough to fill any stage area with lots of white smoke.
A 30 second blast would fill the venues car park with thick white smoke.
By the way, the smoke will not harm your health, its just bad for our WEALTH (hurts the wallet) because It costs us a small fortune for the smoke fluids.

As you can see from the above we have a lot of equipment for use in bigger venues.
We are able to downsize the amount of equipment we use to suit the size of the venue so in smaller venues we fit what we can in.
There is actually over two tonnes of equipment which is packed into over 30 wheeled flight cases and it fills a 7.5 tonne truck.
We do need good access to get the gear in and out, getting it up and down stairs or fire escapes is not desirable
Two or three steps we can cope with otherwise a suitable lift needs to be available.
We would also point out that we do need a suitable power supply and the minimum is two 32 amp circuits.


Splash Alley are very experienced in sound and lighting hire.

Big or Small We Can Do It All

Splash Alley can supply different sizes of sound and lighting desks and equipment as required
The size of the PA and/or Lighting Rig will be specifically tailored to the clients requirements and the size of the venue.
The hire can also include the supply of disco and/or background music throughout the event.

Splash Alley can also coordinate and compere the event which can include the advance planning if required.
These services are only a small part of what we are able to supply.

Big concerts, One Off or Regular Music Events & Festivals, Corporate Events, Weddings, Birthdays & Private Parties.

Splash Alley have done it for others and can do it for you !

Splash Alley have provided the sound and light system for gigs for numerous other bands

Splash Alley have supplied the sound and lighting for indoor Charity Concerts including a 12 hour event where 12 different bands played to raise funds for a disaster appeal.

Splash Alley have regularly supplied the Sound & Lighting at many outdoor festivals including :-

The Copper Kettle Air Ambulance Charity Gig
The Bulls Head Festival
The Generous Pioneer Carnival (twice)
The Guiseley Music Festival (5 times)
The Harley Davidson Bikers Rally (3 times)
Squires Easter Bike Show

Splash Alley have also supplied the Sound & Lighting at shows for some famous bands including The Merseybeats and The Tremeloes

(A Big Rock Show Sound & Lighting Desk)

(Some of the numerous Lighting Sets)

More clips and pictures of our Light Shows
Can be found on our Gallery & News Pages

Splash Alley

The BiG rock concert atmosphere

With a BiG rock sound

And a BiG light show!

Whatever size the venue is !

Splash Alley



The Comment below was made on
The ROCK of the NORTH Website

Many of the regions bands are realising how much importance good sound and lights are, and are investing in new gear all the time.
Top of the tree for their lights and sound package is undoubtedly Splash Alley
and this is where investment and experience come together to make a great show.
The upshot of this experience is that the band are also nurturing and coaching new kids band Top Notch
featuring that young guy again, Charlie Meehan!

TOP NOTCH have played regularly as support band to Splash Alley.
From the end of 2009 Top Notch have been doing their own gigs.

More information including links to You Tube Videos can be found on our Gallery and News Pages


Thanks must go to past members of the band and road crew for playing a major part in the development and history of Splash Alley

Thanks to MIKE JONES for his Band Review in the Innscene Magazine where he used the phrase "Enjoy The Splash Alley Experience" which he based on the experienced members of the band & crew and the experience for the audience. We have adopted the words and we now use them as one of our catch phrases. You can read the band review on our Gallery page.

Thanks to ANDREW GLOVER for all his work on our web site, photos, posters, vehicle maintenance etc

Thanks to RAIS HASAN & AARREN MOWLE for their professional photographic expertise.

Thanks to MIKE SMITH (BA hons pending) for his technical assistance & help with the setting up of the light show.

Thanks to all of the pubs, clubs and other venues for booking our band.

A special thank you has to go to STEVE LALLY the editor of Rock of the Norths web site for all the nice things he keeps saying about us.

Thanks to all of our Friends, Acquaintances, Fellow Musicians, Fans & Supporters for coming to our gigs.

We have to say a BIG thank you to our wives/girlfriends/spouses/partners/families for putting up with our gigging and everything associated with it.
We thank them for putting up with the late nights/early mornings,
We thank them for not complaining (too much) when we constantly spend money on instruments and other things for the band.
(E Bay has to take some of the blame for our spending)

We will never earn the money back we have spent on gear even if we do gigs for the next 20 years.


We apologise to the Landlords and owners at some of the venues for giving them a fright when we arrive with a lorry load of gear.

We also apologise for giving them a fright or a heart attack when we turn the amps and the light show on
and they think that their electricity meter will go into warp drive and jump off of the wall.

We apologise to anybody else who should have had a mention here and didnt get one.

We had better also apologise if we upset anyone with the pictures of our ugly mugs on this web site.
Sorry we were born with em and we can't afford cosmetic surgery.


Come along to one of our gigs and Enjoy the Splash Alley Experience

You will find a list of the places that we are playing on our gig guide.

Our NEXT GIG is also listed on our News Page


If you want to fix a date for us to perform at a venue for you please give us a call or send us an e-mail and you can Enjoy the Splash Alley Experience

The PA and the Lighting Rig can be hired together or seperately

You tell us what you need, where and when you want it and we will give you a price

Our hire rates are very reasonable.

We doubt if you will find a PA or Lighting Rig of this quality at a better price

The contact details for Booking the Band or Hire of PA & Lighting are listed below

You can either phone us or use the e-mail to get in touch.


07963 162008