SPLASH ALLEY ARE....."Probably The best "live" band in England"......

That's how Keith Foxton described them in his review on Facebook.


With time short, we, Dale, Sharon, and me, decided to miss our visit to see “Big Fish” because it had only been 2 weeks since we’d seen them. As fast as permitted, we dashed across Bradford to The Coniston. Seemed like only yesterday since we’d been there. The place was packed to the rafters. Thought it had been packed last night, but now it was sardine time.

How do I describe “Splash Alley”? Well, if you’ll pardon my teutonic English, “WOW, fucking WOW”

This is where I get into trouble again. With the same problem that the critics must have had in the 60’s with The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and all the other groups,
I have to make the bold and arguable statement that, Splash Alley are perhaps the best ‘live’ band in England.

It was worth going if only as a tech geek to see all their equipment and lighting gear. Their sound balance was simply bang on. Their musicianship was beyond criticism, with a tightness I haven’t heard in a very long time.
Their 2 tons of equipment must have taken all afternoon to set up, and worth every minute.

Often I pick out one of the band as exceptional, but in this case, it is impossible, they were all amazing. Each and every song was recreated to perfection. These included, Bonjovi, AC/DC, Thin Lizzy, Gary Moore, Free, and loads more. This band is so in depth and experienced, I can’t attempt to describe how fantastic they are. It amazes me to realise that I saw a band of this calibre at a free venue. Anywhere else in the world I would have expected to pay £50 plus.

For those of you who like all the background facts, I recommend a visit to their website www.splashalley.co.uk. Like their presentation and equipment, it is the best site I have visited for band info and news. If by some miracle, you haven’t seen this band, add them to your bucket list. Just try to keep me away from their future gigs.

One little point I almost forgot, it was a lovely surprise to bump into Neville Keighley there. I say surprise because Neville sings such laid back songs that I never expected him to be a fellow head banger. And, thanks once again to Jon Matley for suggesting I saw Splash Alley, and a little of the background info, and hi to Andy for the indepth chat. See you guys at the next gig. Splash Alley